How to Find the Best Windows Phone 7 Apps and Games

Windows Phone 7 marketplace is Microsoft’s virtual store to download apps, games, music, TV shows, movies, podcasts-in other words, everything that makes your Windows Phone 7 more fun and useful. In this article, you’ll learn how to find and buy great Windows Phone 7 apps and entertainment in Marketplace. I’ll also cover the Games hub. With its strong Xbox pedigree, Windows Phone 7 is quickly shaping up to be a killer gaming machine.

You’ll find Marketplace on both your phone and PC. Think of the PC version as the flagship store: It has everything Microsoft has to offer. The Marketplace hub on your phone is a branch outlet. It deals only in apps, games, and music. But the hub has the advantage of convenience, since you can shop directly on your phone. By the way, not everything in Marketplace costs money. Many apps and games are free. Some paid apps in Marketplace also let you try them before you buy them.

Speaking of games, Windows Phone is the first mobile device to fully weave in Xbox LIVE, Microsoft’s hugely popular online gaming service, with more than 20 million subscribers. If you’re one of them, you’ll have access to your avatar, gamerscore, and other familiar Xbox goodies right on your phone. So let the fun begin!

Touring the Marketplace Hub

The Marketplace hub is one of the default tiles on your Start screen. The hub is divided into several areas, including a list of featured apps and a main menu. On the menu you can pick from Apps, Games, Music, or any custom category added by your cell-phone carrier. This screen also shows the status of items you’re downloading and whether any software updates are available for apps already on your phone. Apps-short for applications-are the add-on software programs that give smartphones their smarts. Because Windows Phone 7 is the new kid on the block, only time will tell how many you’ll find for it in Marketplace. But early signs look promising. Marketplace is expected to have 16 categories of apps, including books, business, entertainment, finance, games, health and fitness, lifestyle, music and video, navigation, news and weather, photos, productivity, social, sports, tools, and travel.


You need a Windows Live ID to use Marketplace. If you don’t already have a Windows Live ID, you’ll be prompted to create or register one the first time you try to download an app.

Advantages to Developing Your Own iPhone Apps and Games

With the increased popularity of the iPhone in recent years, there has also been an increased interest in the apps and games that go along with the device. Developing your own apps can be a tricky process, but once you have it figured out and you become proficient, the advantages are too numerous to number. Many businesses hire professional developers to code their apps, and for good reason. It gives you the flexibility to create any app you need and use it any way you want. Below are some of the advantages associated with developing your own iPhone apps and games.

1. Quick results – If you need to wait for some other company to release the app you need, you could be waiting for months or even years. However, if you have a private developer or you can develop the apps yourself, you can have the app you need in just a few days.

2. Enhance customer service – Having your own app for your business is great because it taps into a whole new market for your customers. With thousands of people purchasing iPhones every day, you are able to tap into a market that uses their phones for much more than making calls. You can develop the app any way you would like to further enhance the customer service experience.

3. Increased sales – Having your own app will surely increase the sales for your business. When you create an app, you can choose to allow customers to purchase items directly from the app, thus increasing your market and increasing sales along the way.

4. Attract new customers -There are many people who do most of their shopping and information gathering purely from their iPhone, so having your own app developed is a surefire way to increase your customer base and get new customers. With the current situation in the economy, it’s important to attract customers by any means possible.

5. Creating better apps – If there is an app that you simply don’t like, or have a great idea for a new one, then developing your own app or game is the perfect solution. Since you’re the creator, you can decide what goes into the game, what the app’s functionality is, and what the main goal of the app or game will be. This ensures you get exactly what you’re looking for.

If you’re a small business, or just an individual that is creative or intuitive, then you probably would enjoy creating your very own app or game for the iPhone. These apps and games can do almost anything, ranging from managing your budget to simply passing the time.

Relying on outside sources to develop the apps that you need can put a big strain on your business and there is no guarantee that these apps will ever come to fruition. That is why developing your own iPhone apps and games are the preferred method. You will save money and get better functionality because you can customize the app so it functions how you want it to function.

Top Cell Phone Apps and Games For Your iPhone

Apple’s iPhone and iTouch has thousands and thousands of choices for cell phone apps and games for people of all ages. These cell phone apps make your iPhone even more fun and entertaining than it already is! Here are the top cell phone apps and games to download this year for your iPhone!

o Texas Hold ‘Em – If you’re a big fan of poker, you’ll be a big fan of this application. Moreover, Texas Hold ‘Em is a great application to learn the basics of poker. You can play with other players who are online through the WiFi gaming. It’s set at a very affordable price at $4.99.

o Skype – finally, making free long distance calls are no longer limited to your desktop. You can now be free of your PC and mic and make free calls in any location that has WiFi!

o Moto Racer – Great racing games are hard to come by. However, Freeverse proved us wrong by bringing us Moto Racer. Even on easy level the game is pretty challenging!

o Birthday Reminder – Now you will never have a reason to forget your friends’, family’s and (God Forbid) spouse’s birthdays. Birthday Reminder is a handy app that downloads all upcoming birthday information from your Facebook so you can see the upcoming birthdays of your friends even when offline.

o Scrabble – Who says you can’t learn a thing or two through cell phone games? Electronic Arts has brought to us Scrabble to enhance your word skills! For big fans of word and board games, this is the perfect app for you. The classical game Scrabble is now available in iPhone, and you can get this application for as low as $4.99.

o Enigmo – This water themed game can provide kids hours of entertainment where they try to catch drips, lasers and plasmas using different gadgets and gizmos on the screen. Enigmo won an Apple Design Award as ‘Best iPhone Game’.

o Monkey Ball – As the name suggests, you control a little monkey rolling inside a hamster plastic ball. Sega proves to us once again that they can develop a great game that combines challenge and good clean fun.

o Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D – Racing has never been this fun and addicting. This game is addictive in its own unique way, which will leave you playing for several hours.

o Aurora Feint – Aurora Feint is another innovative game, combining elements from puzzle games and role playing games.

o Tweetie – Now you can tweet anytime and everywhere you want through Tweetie, a very user friendly and simple Twitter client.